App customization development solution

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It undertakes the business customized development services of IOS / Android, from the initial needs communication, project evaluation, technology / visual UI, UE planning; to the front-end development, program development, interface docking, program testing in the development stage; to the full name seamless docking from the release stage to the formal online of major Android markets and app stores.
Mobile app project development scale can be large or small, but they can not do without the following members: Product Manager, UI designer, front-end development, back-end development, testing, etc. How to reasonably arrange the work of project members and ensure the smooth progress of the project, a clear and reasonable project R & D process control is very important.
We can divide app project development into three stages according to the nature of the work,
The first stage is the demand phase,
The second stage is R & D,
The third stage is the release phase.
Each stage includes several steps, step by step, and finally complete the development of the project.
1、 Demand stage
1.1. Requirements discussion: the product manager communicates with customers, what functions to do, and how to do it, including development type, platform to be developed, specific product function requirements, specific product design requirements, expected completion time of the project, development budget, and interactive scheme output through repeated research and discussion.
1.2. Requirements assessment: after the product outputs the interaction scheme, it finds the corresponding development to discuss whether the requirement scheme is feasible, including the technical difficulty of functional requirements, the feasibility and experience evaluation of evaluation and design requirements, the expected completion time of the project, and the actual development cost.
1.3. Project technology development and visual planning: each department starts the meeting of the project, and the design department starts to design UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), carries out creative design for the product, forms the preliminary effect drawing, which is confirmed by the first customer. After the second modification according to the specific results of the communication, the high fidelity visual image was finally confirmed with the customer, and the research and development stage began.
2、 R & D stage
2.1. Project Huihai: the R & D cycle, test time, pre release time and official release time are evaluated according to the product requirements document.
2.2. program development process: front-end development - program development - Interface docking - third party access (Alipay, etc.) - regular project meeting communication and control project development progress - development budget audit.
2.3. Program testing: product oriented platform multi model synchronous test, including app content test, APP performance test, APP function test, APP visual test, debug and repair bug. After passing the test and confirming that there are no bugs, communicate with the customer and start the acceptance. Test by the customer and put forward modification suggestions.
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