Brand cismi, namely brand concept identification, is the core concept of brand management and the support of guiding CI direction. Therefore, before creating brand image, it may take some time to think about and clarify the core concept and demands of the brand, so as to improve the brand image The added value of its brand, so don't think MI is meaningless and worthless, and rush to pursue visual presentation, because a brand without concept recognition is just a walking corpse.
That is, brand visual identification, which is designed with marketing ideas, will first analyze the current situation of the industry, mainly by looking for and studying the competitors of the brand and the objects to follow. Competitors tell us who we need to beat down and distinguish them, and the industry leaders tell us where we need to go. Then through the analysis of consumer groups, finally find their own brand core positioning, for customers, for the market to convey accurate and unique image and connotation. Therefore, to judge whether a brand VI is excellent, we should not only pursue beauty or personal aesthetics, but also consider whether it can profoundly and clearly convey the core concept and value of the brand, and form a differentiated brand image communication.
As a space for consumers to experience directly, the terminal image store can more accurately convey the brand image. Therefore, in the design, the space will be conceived and created according to the brand positioning, personality, culture and core value, highlighting the added value of the product. It is not only a place for consumers to buy goods, but also a marketing space created in all aspects of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste, so as to meet the emotional needs of consumers and stimulate people's consumption Desire, so as to seize the minds of consumers and promote terminal sales.
The biggest difference between excellent album and poor album is not only the beautiful design, but also the planning thinking. Whether the album has high quality and effectiveness and can attract customers! First of all, by analyzing the brand prototype, inheriting the brand's personality and temperament, and customizing a theme for each album is the thought and soul of the whole album After that, the main line of the whole album will be run through in the way of story telling, and then through the creative collocation of copywriting and design, a thoughtful picture will be formed, so that the album will be full of flesh and blood, instead of being a pile of dried up materials. Through the analysis of the audience, we can attract customers from the content, design, binding, technology and other aspects to achieve the publicity effectiveness of the album.
Picture book of enterprise investment promotion
How to attract customers to join and cooperate is the key to attract investment brochures. Based on customer psychological analysis, this paper summarizes the way to attract investment brochures: firstly, through relevant market analysis, let customers see the development space of the industry; secondly, show the strength of the enterprise and the differentiated demands of the brand, so that customers can feel the confidence in the enterprise and the brand; thirdly, through the products, channels, promotion and marketing Finally, through the franchise support policy, customers can not only know their considerable income, but also help them solve their worries. Therefore, we have confidence in the market, brand, marketing, revenue, service, etc., and believe that it is difficult to join in.
"Tao" of website marketingWebsite marketing: with other companies in the "Tao" and "technology", other companies often talk about how to do the website, if you do keyword optimization, how to select keywords and so on. These contents can only be regarded as "skills" for website marketing, but the fundamental "Tao" is not involved at all. The "Tao" of a brand is the soul of a brand and its unique DNA. "Tao" guides the brand direction, while "Shu" is the way to achieve this direction. Both are indispensable, but only when "Tao" is clear can we choose the right "Shu".
There are four steps in website marketing: find you, know you, compare you and choose you. Finally, we will effectively enhance the attention of enterprise online customers, and truly achieve network open source and network investment promotion.

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